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Amia is of German, English and Irish decent and she writes in the Alternative Pop Neo Soul, R&B , Smooth Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Soft Rock styles. Fan page and up to date activities posted on her twitter page @amiasingersongs Amia Music Personal Website-!amia-main-site-page/mainPage Find out more about Amia and subscribe to her mailing list here FB fan page here . Roger Burnley out of LA and Amia's vocal coach says- "Amia possess a very unique sound, style, and approach to music that the world will definitely want to hear" Roger Burnely

Amia Franz Official 2021 Basic Bio

Amia Franz

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Artist Amia Franz Music Career Bio

Amia Franz, is a beautiful singer, writer and music producer for her own original song gems in the musical genres of Alternative Sophisti  Pop, R&B, Neo Soul, Prince style Funk, Contemporary Smooth Jazz, Jazz Fusion, and Soft Rock.  “My sound is influenced primarily by artists I listen to, Sade, Jamiroquai, Daft Punk and others. One of the songs I wrote for my forth coming 2021 album I am calling “Extraordinary Love”, by the same name, unplugged on youtube . Starting in March 2021, I will go into the recording studio to record the first 3 songs that include Exrtraordinary Love, Parked and I Believe over the music that I have worked on in my studio, have fielded out to have edited and some instrumentation added to my own arrangement. I will add my vocals over the instrumental music at a very fine studio picked out. I will record vocals over all 16 songs and with the help of my managment”. Amia Franz

Amia Franz is also a solo guitarist. She has written 8 original solo guitar instrumentals she plays and will perform with her newly forming live band. Her solo compositions are influenced by notable players George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Eric Clapton and others. Her instrumental only compositions are influenced primarily by Brain Culbertson and Paul Hardcastle.

Amia’s past experience is primarily writing songs and the music for them to sing over in world class recording studios in the united states and in Europe. From working with well known music production teams to singing on other artists projects, including as a back up singer, in Minneapolis, at First Avenue for The Paul Metsa “Paper Tigers” Album concert. Her goal has been to release her own music, she produces, with the help of the best producers and musicians in the business.

Between 2004 – 2011, Amia was invited to record at the recording studio of Joey Heredia out of Los Angeles (credits include Stevie Wonder, Sheila E, Sergio Mendez, Herb Alpert, Tania Maria, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, and Dianne Reeves)  who produced and played drums on her song “Spinnin Round” . The keyboard player on the project was Renato Neto (keyboard player for Prince NPG band). In 2009. Amia was also invited to record her Pop album of 8 songs under a music production group that wrote the music production and recorded Amia’s voice out of the UK.  Songs like Deep Love, Ecstasy, Wait Mariah and other songs you can hear on her youtube channel playlist here . In 2016, Amia was signed to Diamond Life Records in 2016, owned by Paul Cooke out of the UK, who is the original drummer and founder of the iconic band Sade. This led to Amia going out on her own to work on the music she writes and produces with input from others.

Amis’s current 2021 music project, is an album of 16 songs I have heard at the un mastered music stage. Her music productions are excellent as well as unique! In March, she will release the first 3 songs she will record in Chicago. They will accompany her Amia Music 2021 campaigns and give fans the opportunity to purchase those songs. Also, if you like artwork, you can purchase a copy of one of her award winning music related paintings displayed on the campaign page, commission her to do one or make a monitary contribution. Look for the published campaign page link here and on her Amia Franz Official Twitter fan page.

Amia is managed by #kalARtmgmt, who is Swiss, and is handling promotion, interviews, a live band that will feature Amia’s brand new 2021 original project and Amia’s art talent.

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Reviews (with more to come)

Never to be forgotten -“Listening to your fabulous 2011 album! Congratulations! songs, vocal styling music production is slick, sexy, passionate, penetrating. Truly impressed. 🙂” Jeannie Deva, Celebrity Voice Coach (xfactor, American Idol, Christina Aguilera, Pink) Jeannie Deva

Amia Franz is multi talented in every sense of the word. Her songs are real with beautiful heartfelt music. Her brand new, long awaited original music features her own music productions with some complimentary Sade covers. Looking forward to seeing her capture these songs in live performance” Daniel Evans Amia Franz Fan

“I see great things ahead for this extraordinary yet approachable beauty and singer who writes captivating, original songs!” Steven Mathews 

“You are a real talent” Paul Cooke founder, original drummer and co-writer of some of the iconic songs of 1980’s band Sade 

“Hi Amia! I received several of your tracks for review from Paul today. You are truly a brilliant writer and musician! I’m excited to start working on your track” Scott Lea of Radiclea Records

“Amia possess a very unique sound, style, and approach to music that the world will definitely want to hear.” – Roger Burnely, Vocal Coach

“I had the opportunity to hear some demos of music Amia will release in 2018. She skillfully delivers  high-energy elegance managing to stay far away from the abyss of contemporary easy listening music” – Phil Cartwright

“You are awesomely talented as a singer, songwriter and artist. Your artwork on the Divine Artistic Designs site is some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen. Very inventive. You’ve got a new fan here.” – David Jerkins

“Good Luck as you follow your dreams painting the sky with song!!! Wishing you every joy and many opportunities to share your art!!!!!” Christie Brinkley Model/Actress/Artist